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Do Not Apply For MLC Licensure With False Documents | No MLC Fee Refunds Are Given

*Select Option 1 (Generalist) If you only require a 50 Year MLC License together with your Professional Prefix (Title) .

*Select Option 2 (Specialist) If you require a 50 Year MLC License plus a Standardized Fellowship Appraisal Apprenticeship from RCAM ; together with your Professional Prefix (Title) .

*Select Option 3 (All 3 stages) ; if you currently hold a Clinical PHD ; or Equivalent (instead of an Accredited Basic Medical Degree).

*Email your Documentation (Medical Degree and Passport) to us (for Formal Verification) , after making the relevant payment : All Fees are Non-Refundable. (*PLEASE ALSO NOTE THAT THE MLC ENTRANCE EXAMINATION REQUIREMENT IS NOW IN FULL FORCE).

The benefits of becoming a Licenciate of the Medical Licensing Commission (MLC) currently include :

* Direct Professional Affiliation to an International Medical Regulatory Organization

* Lifetime Use of the Alternative Medicine Prefix Title

* Lifetime Use of the RCAM Fellowship Designation Suffix

* A One-Off , Single Fee – with nothing more to pay

* No expensive Annual Conferences (or Meetings) to attend.

* 24 Hour Online Education Initiatives and Discussion Forums

* Favourable Consulting Rates for MLC Commercial Consultations

* Profitable (Income –Generating) Affiliate Referral Bonuses

* Free Professional Networking + Free Career Mentorship - For Life

* Free Quarterly Electronic Journal - For Life

* Free Continuing Professional Empowerment - For Life

* Free Professional Publicity + Business Advertising - For Life

* Official RCAM Fellowship Certificates and MLC Licenses

* No Fear of Regulatory Harassment or Vituperative Erasure

* 50 Year Certification with Free Renewal (if still alive)

* Assistance with the setting up of Private Clinics and Wellness Centres

* Free Legal Support for those in the UK , who wish to take their Statutory Medical Regulator to an Industrial Employment Tribunal

* Free Legal Phone Advice (and Email Support) for those outside the UK , who wish to take their Statutory Medical Regulator to an Industrial Employment Tribunal

* Free Mediator (Negotiator) Services and (Battle-Axe) Damage Limitation Initiatives - for Life

* Peace of Mind - as the MLC will never ever suspend (or revoke) your License ; unless you specifically ask us to do so .

Differences Between the Medical Licentiates Consortium (MLC) and the General Medical Council

*Key Differences Medical Licentiates Consortium (MLC) General Medical Council (GMC)
Jurisdiction International United Kingdom
Licentiate Practising Rights Global United Kingdom
Leadership Structure Worldwide Residents (Multi - Racial) United Kingdom Residents (Mainly White Caucasian)
Licensure Format 50 Year Fixed Tenure, without any Annual Hassles or Complications Annual (at the sole discretion of the GMC)
Basic Licensure Cost Basic Licensure : Less than 50 Pence (50p) Per Month ( Payable as a one-off Fee for the whole 50 Year Tenure) One Year of Basic General Medical Council Licensure (and Registration) costs more than the whole 50 Year Basic MLC Offering.
Licensure Fee Increments Permanently Fixed from the day you join Not Permanently Fixed from the day you join
Scope of Clinical Practise Multiple Grey Areas within Orthodox Conventional Clinical Medicine which are not exclusive to GMC Licensed Doctors (i.e those duties which are performed by those who do not have GMC Licensure e.g Nurses, Pharmacists, Therapists, Technicians etc) ; PLUS Self-Care, Self-Help, Empowerment , Alternative Medicine , Traditional Medicine , Non- Surgical Cosmetic Procedures, Anti-Ageing , Mind Therapies, Energy Healing , Bodywork , Natural Fertility Support, Advanced Wellness Interventions , OTC Remedies etc Orthodox Conventional Clinical Medicine Only
Professional Liability Insurance Worldwide Cover from a wide range of International Organizations The GMC Requires Compulsory Insurance from Medical Defence Union and Medical Protection Societies within the UK
Certificate of Good Standing A 50 Year Certificate is Automatically Issued to each Licentiate upon Formal MLC Certification The GMC has Full Control of it's Registrant's Certificate of Good Standing ; and usually refuses to issue it directly to them.
Disciplinary Procedures All Formal MLC Complaints are officially forwarded directly to the Licentiates Themselves , for onward consideration and Possible Transmission to their Appropriate Professional Indemnity Providers (Insurers). The MLC will never Suspend or Erase or Strike Off . There are no Fanciful Public Show Trials either The GMC prouldy seems to formidably display a relatively unquenchable thirst for Excruciatingly Humiliating Public Disciplinary Hearings ; together with Draconian Suspension and Erasure Powers
Damage (Crisis) Control , When Things Go Wrong The Medical Licentiates Consortium always helps it's Licentiates to get back on their feet again - and Fly . . . The General Medical Council almost always seems to publicly rejoice whenever Precious Medical Careers sadly seem to be Helplessly Sinking down the drain . . .
Statutory Name Medical Licentiates Consortium (MLC) General Medical Council
Professional Title of Registrants Medical Licentiate (MLC Consultant) General Medical Council (GMC) Registered Medical Practitioner
Exclusive Professional Prefix for Registrants Medical Licentiates (MLC Consultants) can either apply for their very own unique MLC Prefix Title - or lawfully use their original Doctor Title if they so wish , provided that they do not describe themselves as being a General Medical Council (GMC) Registered Medical Practitioner None. The GMC does not hold any Exclusive Statutory Rights to the title of Doctor.
Private Clinic Opportunities Medical Licentiates (MLC Consultants) can swiftly set up their very own Private Clinics immediately their MLC License , Professional Indemnity Insurance and Immigration Formalities (if necessary) are in place. The General Medical Council Establishment often prevents it's Registrants from running their very own Private Clinics ; especially those who are relatively young in the Medical Profession.

Important Professional Update From The Medical Licensing Commission (MLC)

Important Professional Update from the Medical Licensing Commission (MLC):

Effective from the 16th of November 2009 , all UK (and Irish) Applicants for Registration with the Medical Licensing Commission will be subject to Additional Competence Checks.

All Potential MLC Applicants are therefore strongly advised to thoroughly ensure that they appropriately finish all of their MLC Licensure Formalities before 12 Midnight on the 15th of November 2009.

After the 16th of November 2009 , all UK (and Irish) Candidates will be required to sit for the MLC Entrance Exam which costs GBP 2999.

The Chief Purpose of the MLC Entrance Exam will solely be to objectively decide whether a Specific Candidate is eligible for either MLC Option 1 or MLC Option 2. It will also assess whether a Specific Candidate will be ethically required to undergo Further Training prior to Formal MLC Licensure.

The Basic (MLC Option 1) 50 Year MLC Licensure Fee will still remain permanently fixed at GBP 299.

International Candidates (outside the UK and Ireland) will also be similarly affected.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

General Medical Council Set To Lose Even More Regulatory Powers . . .

Leader of Opposition against the General Medical Council , Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi , has warmly advised UK Medical Doctors to eagerly prepare for what could possibly be their best year ever . . .

Speaking in Belfast , at the end of a Private Inspection Tour of an Alternative Medicine Facility , the Eminent Black British Human Rights Crusader delightfully said :

" 2007 was definitely one hell of a year for almost everybody , but it most very certainly still did have it's good points.

If there is one tough lesson which RemedyUK and all of the other Pressure Groups out there should have seriously learnt by now , it is the very simple fact Size does not really matter . . . at least when it comes to comprehensively getting your message directly across to the Corridors of Power in Downing Street.

What really counts is Stamina . . . "

When asked to clearly explain what he meant in a bit more detail , the Undisputed Doyen of Medical Politics diplomatically let out a few mischievious little chuckles before suavely continuing :

"When we started both of our Downing Street Petitions almost a year ago , someone in the GMC publicly boasted that we wouldn't get more than 2 Independently Validated Signatures - and that the whole GMC Abolition Campaign would sensationally collapse simply because (in their fickle-minded opinion) I was deemed to be Too Divisive and Too Anti-Establishment . . . whatever that means.

Thankfully , both of our Downing Street Petitions do seem to have done a little bit better than 2 Signatures at the present moment, at least so far , anyway.

But the profound beauty of the matter is that because we selflessly devoted one full year of Ear-Deafening Mayhem to our cause , over 200,000 Doctors in the United Kingdom will soon be enjoying the Profound Regulatory Benefits of an Absolutely Fabulous year".

Upon further questioning as to what exactly was going to be So Fabulous about the current year , he said :

"We begged for the GMC to be stripped of it's Core Adjudication Powers . . . and our prayers have recently just been resoundingly answered.

We also cried out for an Independent Clinical Tribunal to speedily come into force , and we are just about to get Parliamentary Legislation for it . . . in the form of the newly created Independent Adjudicator for the all of the Medical and Healthcare Professions.

We further appealed that the GMC also be stripped of it's Statutory Powers relating to Governance of Medical Education in the UK . . . and now (thanks to a recent report released only just a few days ago) that prayer is soon set to be firmly answered too , by way of the formation of an Independent Body to oversee Medical Education in the UK - even though it is highly likely that (due to serious logistics issues) the GMC may be temporarily asked to firmly handle all major facets of UK Medical Education , pending the arrival of such a long overdue body.

We additionally publicly called on the UK Government to have a tinsy winsy little look at Institutional Racism at the GMC . . . and (Lo and Behold) before we knew it , the Racial Equality Commissioners were avidly on the case , and (Hey Presto !) the 'New and Improved , Touchy Feely' GMC had dramatically rolled out it's Grand Old Dinosaurs and Big Guns for a Self-Serving (and Outrageously Nauseating) Ethnicity Census Tombola Party . . .

What's more , because the GMC is not about to be abolished anytime just yet , we have also been offered a Brand New Lease of Life and are now able to gloriously retain our Current Political Platform as an Independent Watchdog over the GMC ; for if the GMC had been abolished so soon , we would have then had to sadly pack our bags and gloomily trot of into the Sunset.

However , the most beautiful fact of all is that most of these Highly Momentous Gains were duly achieved with comparatively few Petition Signatures at all . . . So it was our Stamina which actually made us prevail in the long run , and not necessarily our Size. "

*NB : The General Medical Council Opposition Network would like to publicly thank all of our Downing Street Signatories for their Fantastic Support.

Preliminary Comparative Analysis of the separate Downing Street Petitions above clearly suggests that 4 out of every 5 people would rather have the General Medical Council comprehensively abolished altogether , instead of trying to patch it up with one particular Investigation or another.

Happy New Year , Everybody - Aluta Continua !

How To Lawfully Start Your Own Clinic

MLC Step 1 : Pay Fee , Contact Us , Send Documentation , Carefully study our Wellness Publications and Ethically Sit for the MLC Entrance Examination .

MLC Step 2 : Legally Obtain Statutory Professional Liability Cover (Indemnity) from one of our Recommended Insurers.

MLC Step 3 : Lawfully Launch your very own Private Specialist Clinic without any massive financial overheads ; while we continue to provide you with Permanent Regulatory Mentorship.


" Over the past few weeks ,(or so) , I have received very many hundreds of emails from countless Tabloid Journalists who claim that Wreckless Busybodies at the General Medical Council (GMC) have been advising them that the Medical Licensing Commission is somehow subject to the racist whims (and filthy caprices) of the GMC.

I would therefore like to make it abundantly clear (to all and sundry) that the Medical Licensing Commission is the Paramount Regulatory Body for a whole new Clinical Profession altogether.

As far as our brand new profession is concerned - the Medical Licensing Commission lies FAR ABOVE the General Medical Council - in every (regulatory) manner, way, shape or form.

MLC Licenses are strictly awarded to MLC Consultants in the MLC's independent kind of Evidence Based (Clinical) Alternative Medicine - and they have absolutely nothing to do with GMC Registered Medical Practitioner Licenses (which deal with statutorily regulated Conventional Orthodox Clinical Medicine).

The General Medical Council does not own any exclusive monopoly rights to the word Medicine ; and neither does the GMC hold any exclusive rights over the 'Doctor' Title either.

In fact ; the lawful possession of a General Medical Council License does not mean anything to the Medical Licensing Commission - and Vice Versa.

I sincerely hope that this Exceedingly Blunt Statement fundamentally clarifies this issue. "

Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi FRCAM(Dublin)

Chief Regulator , Medical Licensing Commission

Date : 18th of August 2008

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